02 June, 2011

Osteomyelitis of the jaws

Yesterday Dag spoke at the Hospital's in-service. He spoke about osteomyelitis, which is a bone infection. Here in West Africa he treats several patients with this condition, as well as a similar condition called osteonecrosis, which is dead jawbone. The patients come with much pain, huge swellings and often puss-draining fistulas/openings in the face, neck or inside of the mouth. The treatment is to surgically remove and clean out the dead tissue and give antibiotics. There seem to be a much higher number of cases of these conditions here in West Africa than what has been documented anywhere else in the world.
Together with some colleagues Dag is doing a study on this, looking into what could be the cause of osteonecrosis of the jaw here in West Africa. At the in-service he presented an overview of what this condition is, how it can be treated, and what the study is about.

The knowledge he is gaining on this, benefits a lot of people in this area, and hopefully even more in the years to come, as their research hopefully will give greater understanding on this issue.

And in the meantime, patients keep coming with their pain and swellings to the dental clinic, where they get much needed help. Jorid - proud wife:-)


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