16 June, 2011

A New Season

Time has come for us to leave the Africa Mercy.

What can I say? It is truly a bittersweet thing... We are very excited about going back to Norway, but at the same time it is almost too difficult to leave behind everything here on the ship and in Africa. We have made so many good friendships here, had so many amazing experiences, and have so much love for this work.

This experience has changed us. You cannot live in a community like this and not be changed. You cannot see all the joy, strength and suffering of Africa and not be affected somehow.

Photo by Dag

And yet our 'adventure' with Mercy Ships not completely over.
Dag will continue to work as a Dental consultant for Mercy Ships, and it will be impossible to keep him away from Africa! In the mean time he will go back to five years of school to become an oral surgeon - I wonder if that may turn out have something to do with Africa....

I will work for Mercy Ships Norway - a leap of faith, I must admit, as I will still need to depend on financial support. Somehow it seems more challenging to work as a volunteer in Norway than in Africa.
But, as our friend Lawrence says: "God is good - all the time! And all the time God is good!"
We know that He will continue to provide for everything we need.

We'll keep you posted.... Jorid

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NinaogOle said...

Det har vore lærerikt - og utfordrande - å fylgje bloggen dykkar! Takk for at de har delt opplevingar, og gitt eit innblikk i livet om bord på båten. Av og til er det nesten som eg skulle ynskje eg var der sjølv...

Lukke til heime i Norge, og måtte Gud velsigne arbeidet dykkar vidare!