26 March, 2011

Heroes II

Screening day is over, and once again I'm left with so many impressions and emotions. Seeing what the people of West Africa have to live with and deal with healthwise makes me once again think that this world is not a fair place!
It breaks my heart to see children with weak limbs as a result of an infection or malnourishment - conditions that could be easily prevented in the western world.

And then, in the middle of it all, I am so touched by a love so evident; a woman smiles at her little girl and tells me: "I love her SO much!". She had adopted this little girl even though the girl lacked one foot after birth trauma that most likely killed her biological mother. She is one of the lucky, who has found a new mama, who will love her and fight for her. I have no photo for you today, but just close your eyes and try to picture this lovely woman with her baby girl in her arms.... Be encouraged; as long as we have heroes like this woman in the world, there is hope! Jorid

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Øyvin said...

Dere skriver så mange gode og gripende "innlegg" som viser at dere BRYR dere.
Heb 10.24 er dere. "La oss ha omtanke for hverandre, så vi oppgløder hverandre til kjærlighet og gode gjerninger"
Gud velsigne dere alle